Outfit formula for a summer work outfit​ - Summer work outfit - LM Fashion Agency by Lynn Mikolajczak

Summer work outfit

It doesn’t happen often in our country, but sometimes we really do have those hot and sticky days – although we certainly haven’t been complaining lately. In the home office, most may be melting down, but those who slowly make their way back to the office will soon feel the eternal struggle with the cold air conditioning again. In the office we almost freeze to death on our chairs, but once we set foot outside we melt away. Ideally, you want to put on your light summer dress, but even on days like these, a professional appearance is essential. Therefore, we share with you the ideal outfit formula for a hot summer day. 

Outfit formula for a summer work outfit

The ideal outfit formula for a summer work outfit is definitely a fresh white skirt in combination with a lightweight midi skirt.


A breathable, light shirt is a must-have for your work wardrobe all year round, but in the summer it’s better to opt for an oversized version that allows for better air circulation and breathability. Turn up your sleeves for a nonchalant and more trendy look. The midi-skirt is also best chosen in a light fabric. Thanks to its length, you can be sure of your business image, even if you are slowly melting away.


Neutrals vs colour and prints

A warm and bright summer day is the ideal time to experiment with colours and prints. Although neutral colours keep things fresh and business beige is a trend this season. The most important thing is that your entire outfit is balanced. Therefore, go for a plain neutral shirt with a colourful and/or printed midi-skirt or vice versa.

Outfit formula for a summer work outfit​ - Summer work outfit - LM Fashion Agency - Lynn Mikolajczak

What about sandals to work?

Every season the same question arises: is it okay to have an open toe? If your office is not too formal and you have regular pedicures, yes. Though don’t make it the norm. Go for a nice classic sandal with a comfortable heel or stylish mules.

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