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This is how you remove makeup fast and efficient [+ travel tip]

After a long day of working, commuting and social activities, it’s tempting to go straight to bed without removing your makeup. A proper evening routine where you take the time to remove makeup and cleanse your skin is a necessity. We all know it’s bad to go to bed with makeup on, but we lack so many times of removing makeup. To motivate you for taking time for your skin, here is an evening skincare routine. For the routine, the products of Nannic Belgium are used. They are high-quality, innovative and based on science and research products. It’s thanks to their high quality, you can go fast through your cleansing routine without compromising on efficiency. Your skin wouldn’t even notice when there is an evening you spent a little bit less time on your cleansing routine because your bed is calling you. Of course, you can also do this routine with your own products, as long as you remove your makeup for the night. 

How to remove makeup in no time

This evening routine to remove makeup contains of 3 easy steps. 

It takes you less than 5 minutes but gives your skin everything it needs after a long work day.

Step 1: Remove your make up

The Make-up Remover Gel removes your make-up quickly without damaging the hydrolipidic film. The hydrlipidic film is made up of sebum and sweat. It covers our skin to protect it from excessive moisture loss and provides good hydration. So it’s important to make sure the balance of the hydrolipidic film isn’t disturbed by a lack of lipids and/or water.


The Make-up Remover Gel is easy to apply with your fingertips. Massage it in and take off with water.

This cleansing routine also comes in travel size.
Take your Travel Cleansing Bag everywhere with you. It also contains a peeling mask for the ultimate cleansing of your skin while traveling.

Step 2: Active cleansing

Most people stop their evening skincare routine the moment they removed their makeup. However, there is also a layer of dirt on the skin itself that has stored under your makeup during the day.


The Pure Active Cleansing removes unnecessary sebum and impurities without drying out the skin while respecting the natural pH and organic barrier of your skin.


Mix a little bit of the Pure Active Cleaner with water in the palm of your hand and apply.

Step 3: Nourishing your skin

Now your skin is clean, you can give it all the nutrition it needs.


The Pore Treat Lotion is a soft treatment lotion that tightens the pores and regulates the moisture balance of the skin. It also prevents the formation of blackheads, acne and hyperpigmentation.


You can apply is easy with a cotton pad or just spray it.

Bonus: a little bit more time?

Do you have more time in the evening or do you deserve some me-time?


End your cleansing routine with a terracotta clay mask for the ultimate relaxation and optimal treat for your skin.


The Terracotta clay mask guarantees an intensely nourished, deeply cleansed and beautifully even skin.

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