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A work-appropriate manicure that fits your dress code

What are work-appropriate nails? Unless your office has defined it in its dress code, it’s up to you to figure out what kind of manicure is appropriate for your work environment. If you stay away from the excessive nail art, outspoken patterns and all the other unnecessary extras, there is little you can do wrong. But, because well-manicured nails are part of your professional image, it’s important to pay attention to and take care of it. Also, your manicure for work will also depend on the work environment. To help you, here are the guidelines for a manicure for work depending on the dress code of your company. 

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Manicure for work that fits a business formal dress code

In a conservative work environment, like in law, financial and consultancy firms, there is mostly a business formal dress code. The formal approach requires a more subtle manicure. There are even conservative firms that don’t allow nail polish. When it’s allowed, opt for natural light colours like nude and soft pink or a french manicure.

A manicure for a business semi formal work environment

When your company has a more business semi-formal approach when it comes to dressing for work, also your manicure can be more flexible. This means you might be able to get away with bolder shades of nail polish. Shades of red are considered classy. Also berry, grape and orange shades look very polished and elegant. Try to avoid the very bright shades, glitters and patterns. Also pastel colours and grey blend very well with a more flexible work environment. 

A business casual manicure

A business casual dress code is found in more flexible and creative workplaces. Think fashion companies, startups, marketing agencies, etc. They allow you to be creative with your work attire, so you can be with your nail polish as well. Brighter colours, a subtle pattern and some glitter are definitely allowed, as long as you keep it professional and you are still able to type on your laptop. 

Last note about a manicure for work

no matter what kind of work environment you work in, make sure your nails are shaped, not too long and clean. And if you are looking for a proper manicure in less than 5 minutes, take a look at Elegant Touch, your lifesaver when it comes to a manicure for work.

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