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Bye Bye Dry Skin : A 3-Step Relaxing Body Care Routine

The dry air at work, the still cold morning air and the strong wind during your afternoon lunch walk. Your skin becomes dry and loses its radiance. Make your skin glow again in 3 simple steps while you enjoy well-deserved me-time. You can do this before or after work – or if you work from home when you really need a break.

Step 1: do it quick or with the rights products

Who doesn’t love a good shower or bath after a long workday? Although it can be tempting to stay for hours under the shower or lay down in your bath while watching a Netflix series, they can dry out your skin even more. So you can keep it short – max. 10 minutes – or use the right skincare products. The Remederm Dry Skin Bath Oil and Shower Oil of Louis Widmer are specially developed for dry, rough and irritated skin. Thanks to the blend of remederm oils, it ensures a mild cleansing, intense hydration and protection of the skin. They cleanse and nourish your skin at the same time. Moreover, they cover your skin with a protective and nurturing film that you should not rinse off. 

Louis Wider - Remederm oil - Dry skin routine - LM Fashion Agency

Step 2: Nourish your skin

After your shower or bath, you need to nourish your skin with body oil. The body oil of Louis Widmer – unlike other oils – is not greasy at all. Just spray it on, massage a little and you can immediately put your clothes on. Are you wearing a skirt or dress? Then use the oil to give your legs a nice sheen. You can also use the oil to revitalise your hair ends.

Step 3: SOS dry skin

Some areas or parts of your skin can be even more dehydrated. Think of your hands or face. Use an extra nourishing cream for these parts, such as the Dry Skin Silver Cream Repair. The micro-silver has an antibacterial effect and soothes irritations in the blink of an eye. Are your lips extremely dry? Then use Remederm Dry Skin Lip Balm. Both a must-have in the bathroom and in your work bag.

All Louis Widmer products are available exclusively in pharmacies. 


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