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Clubhouse – The “Business Wear Uncoded” club

Business wear is still associated with the traditional and conservative black, grey and navy suits. Thanks to the new social media platform Clubhouse, LM Fashion Agency was able to start the conversation about business wear and have more insights in what is really going on at the workplace . We have set up a club “Business Wear Uncoded” where our founder Lynn Mikolajczak joined by trendwatcher Kristin De Rudder bring together business-minded people at different stages in their career to talk about several business wear related topics to break certain stigmas. Today, the rooms are hosted in Dutch, but future rooms in English are not excluded. 

The Business Wear Uncoded Club

The mission of the Business Wear Uncoded Clubhouse club is to decipher the style of clothing on the workplace. 


How do we want to achieve this mission?


We want to bring together professionals – like you – at different stages of their career to:


a) discover the role that clothes play in their career

b) support their self-confidence

b) how they have shaped their own signature style along the way.

Join us on Clubhouse

Every Friday at 3pm, we host a clubhouse room via the Business Wear Uncoded Club. We discuss topics like “Clothing as remedy against prejudices on the workfloor”, “Clothing as productivity tool? True or false?” and “Business casual, a blessing or a curse”.



Clubhouse is a social media platform via invitation only.
If you aren’t on Clubhouse yet, send an e-mail to and we send you an invite.