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Business conference outfit

During a business conference, you are not only presenting yourself, but also the company you work for or your business. Moreover, you need to make an impression. So the “dress to impress” really does apply to a business conference. Business conference days can be long. So your outfit needs to support you the entire day. Be prepared for a long day of standing, walking, networking and pitching.

The business conference outfit

The perfect business conference outfit is tailored, professional and comfortable and a bit elevated from your everyday look. You want to stand out, be remembered – in a positive way – and leave a lasting impression of professionalism. 


You can never do wrong with a black dress. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about combinations. It’s a throw-on-and-go dress that always look professional, elegant and sophisticated.


The tailored but not too tight fit in combination with the elasticity of the fabric makes sure you will feel comfortable from the morning till the evening – even after having a drink and bite. The elegant envelope cut accentuates your femininity in a subtle and elegant way by giving you a great hourglass silhouette. 


The fuller skirt and bow detail give the dress that extra you need to make a stylish and good  impression during the business conference. 


The midi-skirt and sleeves makes this dress a multi-seasonal and multi-occasional you will enjoy for a long time. 

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Shoes to wear to a business conference

Because you will probably need to stand for a long day and walk around, your shoe choice is important. Clean, polished shoes are the bare minimum – for every (professional) occasion. In this case, comfort will also play an important role. High heels – if you can walk in it – look very elegant, but it is not given to everyone to be able to stand up and walk around with them for a whole day. A block-heel or lower heel can be a solution. A little elevated loafer can also be elegant. Unless it fits your company – for example if you work for a tech startup – and/or personal brand, sneakers aren’t the go to shoe for a business conference. 

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